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Through partnerships with Round 2 Education, The Comp Guys, T3 Design Studio, CBA Global and The Wiggins Agency, we are able to offer an array of master level workshops. We specialize in helping new entrepreneurs in low income areas obtain their business goals, while laying the foundation for a successful business startup.

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By partnering with successful companies, we have many Instructors to choose from.

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We'll show you the process you can use to achieve more, faster. Making a plan to get there.

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Through PodKastation, we are now offering one-on-one Podcast and Vlog hands on training.

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Our team of advisors are experts in their crafts, with over 120 years of combined experience.

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Bot Services has been a high priority in our business because they are a sales enabler and brand builder. The workshops are ideal for our staff members who are mostly non-technical and simply want brand access and training as quickly as possible.
Makram Hamd
Business Owner
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