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We specialize in helping new entrepreneurs in low income areas obtain their business goals, while laying the foundation for a successful business startup.

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Best Instructors

By partnering with successful companies, we have many master level Instructors to choose from.

Be Successful

We'll show you the process you can use to achieve more, faster. Set a deadline and make a plan to get there.

Digital Laboratory

Inside of The Comp Guys Podkastation, we are now offering one-on-one Podcast and Vlog hands on training.

Expert Advisors

Our team of advisors are experts in their crafts, with over 120 years of combined experience.

Digital Classroom

If anything, Covid-19 has taught us to communicate socially distanced. We have moved our classes online.

Events & Meetup

Annually, we have a meet and greets with our clients to network and showcase their services.

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Success Testimonials

"I was really impressed with Dr. Joyce McNeal while taking her entrepreneur leadership workshop. I am now utilizing some of the ideas she recommended in my everyday life."
Ishaan Battle
Content Creator
"Starting my own was really hard. However working with CBA Global's business development class, I was able to get moving in the right direction."
Louie Kline